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This comic is inspired by my early days as a DJ spinning UK Hardcore and Hard Dance genres across the East Coast. The drugs, the practice, the record digging, the friends, the late nights, the scene, the tours, the snow storms, the confidence, the fright, the path to please people and the path to giving that up, the sick stomach of stage fright and letting those butterflies go, the motivation to believe in yourself, the decision to let fear go, the Kandi Bracelets, the parties pre-rave at my house to stock up on the bracelets, the mix CDs, the attempt at making mixes again and again and hoping you don’t make a mistake and if you do the anticipation to listen back and see if it is noticeable enough to start over, the duplication of my mixes – burning CD after CD through my beat-up laptop and using sharpie makers to make some modest logo for myself as well as contact info to book me, flights down to Ultra Music Fest with 1000 flyers to pass out to anyone interested and so – so – SO much more. This is just the beginning and they will be released monthly, so please ENJOY!!